"StarCraft II is like playing chess while playing the piano." - Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski

In 1998, Blizzard Entertainment, publisher of the Diablo and World of Warcraft video game franchises, released a new title called StarCraft. It was a real-time strategy game, where players built an economy, created armies and waged war against their opponents.

StarCraft was met with critical acclaim and is widely considered the all-time best title in the real-time strategy genre. Little did anyone know, that in South Korea this game was about to alter popular culture in a significant way. 

What started as interest in StarCraft turned to frenzy. Thousands of internet cafes, known as "PC bangs," sprouted up on every block to meet demand. Playing StarCraft with friends in a PC bang quickly became the thing to do, and before long, exceptional players began to stand out.

PC bang owners everywhere saw a new opportunity. They began pitting their best players against those from neighboring establishments.


Esports was born.

Today, you will find tournaments with multi-million dollar prize purses taking place in stadiums all around the world being broadcast to global audiences.


GAMECHANGERS: Dreams of BlizzCon follows two young men whose dreams of greatness were born in those PC bangs. These youngsters would eventually rise out of poverty to become champions on a world stage.

When we meet them in in the film, however, extended slumps have worn away the sheen of their championship status. Both find themselves struggling to keep up with the younger, faster players. They are each facing personal challenges that threaten to ruin their careers. 

Jang, "MC" Min Chul has achieved everything a player could ever want in the game, yet South Korean fans have turned on him. Taunts claiming that MC is a “runner” have become too much to bear. MC's longtime goal of winning at BlizzCon has become mired in drama and concerns about his future.


Mun, "MMA" Seong Won’s mandatory military service looms—his country is calling. Two years of military service are a “death sentence” for gaming careers. As MMA faces what may be his last year as a pro gamer, he wrestles with the harsh reality that his hands have slowed and the demands of others are taking a toll.

Can MC and MMA overcome the challenges of pro gaming life before it’s too late? GAMECHANGERS explores these players' fascinating worlds and follows their journey to realize Dreams of BlizzCon.










3rd-4th: 2013 World Championship Series Season 2

Europe Premier League

1st: 2011 Global StarCraft II League Blizzard Cup

1st: 2011 Global StarCraft II League Code-S October



MMA was dubbed the "Legend Killer" when he first broke

into the scene, taking out the likes of Mvp, MC, and NaDa.






2nd: 2013 World Championship Series Season 2

Europe Premier League

1st: Intel Extreme Masters Season VI World Championship

1st: 2011 Global StarCraft II League Code-S March


MC was the first player to win two Global StarCraft II League

titles and is known for his eccentric winning celebrations.